Aquaman Cosplay Progress: Part 1

   Hey everyone, so I did a cosplay work log a while ago featuring MLP. However that did not last long. I was not really feeling it, plus I didn't want to waste that much fabric. 
    So here we are months later and I am presenting you with this Aquaman cosplay that I have started a couple of days ago.  Aquaman is my favorite superhero I can't explain why, I know part of it has to do with my fascination with mermaids...I know he isn't a mermaid but you get what I am saying also he is highly underrated. These blogpost will be broken down into parts so I can show and get into more detail with certain parts. 

Also this is my first time doing detailed painting. Like stuff that has to do with shading and highlighting. Any tips are welcomed!

So let's get to it..

 Products for Cosplay

Products I used: Bra (strapless), Orange craft foam, hot glue, acrylic paint, pen and scissors

NOTE*: I got my craft foam from Walmart (3 pack for .33 cents), mini hot glue gun from Joanns for $3, acrylic paint .50 cents at walmart, .67 cents at Joanns

 Making Aquaman Scales

Okay so I started out by drawing the scales on the craft foam and then cutting them out.  As much as I  want to use worbla it is pretty expensive. If you don't know what worbla is it is a thermoplastic that you can heat and mold into a bunch of shapes, and build up to make elaborate costumes. I decided to go ahead and use craft foam (Also known as EVA foam), one it is moldable and because it is also cheaper. As you will see down below, I began to build up the scales on the cups of the bra. I didn't glue the bottom of the scales, I just applied glue to the top it made it easier to apply the scales underneath. The glued down the bottoms on top of the newly placed scales.
 building the scales

 Aquaman Girl Cosplay

 EVA Craft foam scales cosplay

So once that was done. I went into painting. I used this acrylic paint that was a slightly darker orange. I wanted to use that has shading. As seen down below this is how it looked. I also painted the inner rim of the bra to help blend the scales a bit more.

    I later decided that I did not like how the foam looked and so I mixed the orange and yellow paint to make a lighter orange and painted over the foam to get this lovely look. The cool thing about the foam is that the paint dries really fast it only took about 3 minutes or so, so if you have a lot of detail you can get it done in a timely manner.  I only did one cup because I wanted to get it how I liked it and then move on to the other.

 Painting Aquaman scales

As seen below I started on the other side as I finished the painting on the first cup. I felt as though the scales needed so depth so I mixed the orange paint with a bit of black and applied it to the bottom of the scales and it gave it a nice depth and look. You can tell the difference compared to the other side.

I will be touching this up but this is how it looks up close. I am clearly no painter but I will get better with time. So yeah that is it for this post check out my video below to see how I painted it and let me know what you think of my chest plate so far.

happy reading
Audrey roe

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